Business Acumen Sampler

Provides a representative sample of the business acumen content Hotshot offers. This track includes courses drawn from the Accounting & Finance and Excel & Data Analysis topics.

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  1. still frame from The Main Financial Statements Preview

    Introduction to Financial Statements

    An introduction to the four main financial statements, with examples of how the statements are affected by different business transactions.

  2. still frame from Assets Preview

    Balance Sheets

    An introduction to balance sheets, including an explanation of the balance sheet equation and descriptions of assets, liabilities and shareholders’ equity.

  3. still frame from Intrinsic Valuation: Discounted Cash Flow Preview


    Valuation is one of the most fundamental concepts in corporate finance. This course describes the different measures of a company’s value, and the various techniques used to value businesses and their assets.

  4. still frame from Example Model: M&A Valuation Preview

    Financial Modeling

    This course introduces the fundamentals of financial modeling and discusses how it’s relevant to lawyers.

  5. still frame from M&A Agreements Preview

    Financial Concepts in M&A Practice

    The key financial concepts in M&A practice, including valuations, the main financial provisions in M&A agreements and general tax and accounting issues.

  6. still frame from Financial Covenants Preview

    Financial Concepts in Lending Practice

    The key financial concepts in lending practice, including the main types of loans and their risk, financial reporting requirements for borrowers, financial covenants, and credit ratings.

  7. still frame from Financial and Accounting Experts and Fact Witnesses Preview

    Financial Concepts in Litigation Practice

    The key financial concepts in litigation practice, including how financial statements are used by litigators, which bookkeeping records might be included in a document request, the roles of financial experts and fact witnesses, and the basis of calculations for damages or settlements.

  8. still frame from Workbooks, Worksheets, Cells, Rows and Columns Preview

    Getting Started with Excel

    If you’re new to Excel, start here. This course introduces the concepts of cells, rows and columns, shows how to navigate Excel 2016 for Windows, and describes the basics of entering data and doing calculations.

  9. still frame from Filtering and Sorting Data Preview

    Working with Large Data Sets

    Lawyers often have to deal with large sets of data when working on a litigation or transaction. This course covers the Excel features that make it easier to work with large data sets, including filtering and sorting data, freezing panes and splitting the window.

  10. still frame from PivotTables Preview


    A PivotTable can be useful for summarizing and analyzing large sets of data. This course describes how to create and work with PivotTables.