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How Hotshot works

screenshot of the Hotshot app, showing the course 5 Things to Learn from a Company’s Annual Report and Financials; the current playable video section is How Does the Company Make Money?

Short videos

Hotshot videos provide simple explanations of complex concepts. They’re short, broken into sections of a few minutes each, and designed for mobile. The videos mimic great mentoring sessions, with engaging presenters who walk through documents and show examples.

screenshot of the Hotshot app, showing the course Price Per Share Calculations; the interactive Excel-style quiz is on question 2 of 5

Interactive quizzes

Quizzes reinforce what users learn in the videos. They explain the right and wrong answers and include spreadsheet simulations that help lawyers master calculations that come up in practice.

screenshot of a downloadable exercise from Hotshot’s Deal Structures course

Exercises and summaries

Exercises help organizations run more effective live programs, such as flipped-classroom sessions. Summaries outline the key points from the videos and can be used for reference and as handouts at training classes.


Our content covers legal, business and technology skills. It's created and reviewed by experienced contributors from top law firms, investments banks and accounting firms. Our video and web development experts make sure it all looks great – on desktop and mobile.

Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance concepts that help lawyers understand their clients’ business and the financial components of legal transactions.

Civil Litigation Basics

The process, phases, and essential concepts of civil litigation in the US, from complaints to closing arguments.

Commercial Lending

Covers the basics of commercial lending in the United States, including various types of loans, loan documentation, the diligence and closing processes, and important finance concepts relating to loans.

Commercial Provisions

Explains the legal, business, and drafting issues for the most common terms and provisions that appear in day-to-day commercial agreements.


Covers preparing for, taking, and defending depositions, and provides guidance on expert and corporate depositions.

Excel & Data Analysis

The basics of Excel, Excel in legal practice, and business topics such as financial modeling, data analysis and statistics.

M&A Basics

Caps and baskets, reverse triangular mergers, change of control provisions. M&A Basics covers the essentials.

M&A Provisions

A series of courses on advanced M&A topics, produced in collaboration with the ABA M&A Committee (the "Market Check" series).

Motion Practice

An advanced discussion of motion practice, including oral argument. Provides strategic considerations and drafting tips for the different sections of a brief, as well as for specific types of motions, including summary judgment, 12(b)(6), and discovery motions.


Covers in-court and out-of-court restructurings, including Chapter 11 cases; 363 sales; and litigation, financing, and contracts in bankruptcy.

Securities Offerings

Covers registered securities offerings, including relevant securities laws, types of offerings, deal documents, and tasks like diligence and closings.

Venture Financing

The key business and legal issues and documents involved in fundraising for emerging companies, plus important “venture math” calculations.

How we help

Just-in-time learning

Hotshot helps lawyers learn at the point of need. You can watch a short Hotshot video to understand your client’s 10-K while you’re reviewing it, or to help run a closing right after you’ve been assigned to work on one for the first time.

More effective training programs

We work with professional development teams, partners and professors to help their organizations deliver training programs that are effective, scalable and affordable. Our content complements programs such as summer associate and fall onboarding, business acumen training and law school classes.

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