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Artificial Intelligence

Short, practical videos to help lawyers and other legal professionals understand AI and its impact on law and practice. Earn a certificate in AI with our GenAI Fundamentals for Lawyers certificate program.

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Our topics

300+ courses on corporate, litigation, and business skills.

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Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance concepts that help lawyers understand their clients’ business and the financial components of legal transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

Explains AI technology, practical applications for lawyers, regulation, and how AI is affecting various areas of the law and practice. It also covers generative AI and large language models, teaching lawyers effective prompting and what GenAI models can and cannot do.

Civil Litigation Basics

The process, phases, and essential concepts of civil litigation in the US, from complaints to closing arguments.

Commercial Lending

Covers the basics of commercial lending in the United States, including various types of loans, loan documentation, the diligence and closing processes, and important finance concepts relating to loans.

Commercial Provisions

Explains the legal, business, and drafting issues for the most common terms and provisions that appear in day-to-day commercial agreements.

Corporate Governance

Gives a big picture, practical understanding of private and public corporations, the laws they operate under, and how corporate governance practices change as a company grows. It covers organizational documents, corporate approvals, incorporating, capitalization, reporting, and stockholders, directors, and officers.


Covers preparing for, taking, and defending depositions, and provides guidance on expert and corporate depositions.

Excel & Data Analysis

The basics of Excel, Excel in legal practice, and business topics such as financial modeling, data analysis and statistics.


Strategy, tips, and rules regarding working with (and against) experts on your case. Covers all areas of expert work, including expert reports, expert depositions, Daubert motions, direct and cross of experts at trial, and ethical considerations.

M&A Basics

Caps and baskets, reverse triangular mergers, change of control provisions. M&A Basics covers the essentials.

M&A Provisions

A series of courses on advanced M&A topics, produced in collaboration with the ABA M&A Committee (the "Market Check" series).

Microsoft Word for Lawyers

This topic teaches features of Microsoft Word that lawyers use most. The courses explain the tools, walk through the trickier features, and give tips and shortcuts to maximize your efficiency.

Motion Practice

An advanced discussion of motion practice, including oral argument. Provides strategic considerations and drafting tips for the different sections of a brief, as well as for specific types of motions, including summary judgment, 12(b)(6), and discovery motions.


Covers in-court and out-of-court restructurings, including Chapter 11 cases; 363 sales; and litigation, financing, and contracts in bankruptcy.

Securities Offerings

Covers registered securities offerings, including relevant securities laws, types of offerings, deal documents, and tasks like diligence and closings.

Trial Practice

Strategic guidance on trying a case, including how to prepare for and execute the most important tasks of trial, such as openings and closings, witness prep, direct examination, and cross examination. Courses also teach more advanced tasks, like how to lead a trial team, create a master trial plan, and try your case with an eye toward appeal.

Venture Financing

The key business and legal issues and documents involved in fundraising for emerging companies, plus important “venture math” calculations.

How we help

A better way to learn

We help you learn quickly and easily with short, practical videos, interactive quizzes, and written materials. It’s all available on desktop or mobile for on-demand learning.

A better way to earn CLE

Have the best of both worlds – watch short videos that are relevant to your practice, while also earning CLE.

Quality content you can trust

Developed by the team behind Practical Law, Hotshot content is authored by experts from the best law firms, investment banks, and accounting firms.

For all experience levels

Our courses on corporate, litigation, and business topics help you fill gaps in your knowledge or get new perspectives on areas you know well.

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Deliver better associate training

We don’t replace your firm’s training – we make it better. Our videos and training materials reduce prep time and free up partners to share war stories, teach firm-specific practices, and lead group discussions.

Support on-the-job learning

Make on-the-job learning easier by giving your associates relevant, high-quality content in a format they love. You’ll help them ask better questions, ace assignments, and be more prepared for client work.

Increase retention and satisfaction

Giving your team access to Hotshot is an easy way to support their ongoing training and professional development, which top the list when it comes to job satisfaction and retention.

Live, remote, or hybrid

Our content easily fits with how you train your lawyers, whether in-person, remote, or hybrid. We support summer and fall programs, firmwide initiatives, and departmental training.

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Become even more practice ready

Go from smart law student to brilliant law student with short, practical videos on the corporate, litigation, and business skills you’ll need as a junior lawyer.

Stand out from the crowd

Complete our law student learning track and share your credentials on LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd and impress employers.

Be better prepared for interviews

Get a better understanding of key practice areas and typical associate assignments to be better prepared for interviews.

Monthly and yearly plans

We offer two easy ways to subscribe, and it starts with a free trial.

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Resources for classes and clinics

Whether you’re teaching a transactional or litigation class, or running a clinic to help entrepreneurs, we have hundreds of short, practical videos that can supplement your course materials.

Deliver more interactive learning

Create and deliver interactive learning with our hypos and discussion questions that cover situations students will face as lawyers.

Help students prepare for interviews

Hotshot videos teach students about key practice areas and business concepts so they can be better prepared for interviews and ask more informed questions.

Help students be practice ready

The practical knowledge Hotshot gives students makes them more attractive to recruiters and helps them be practice ready when they graduate.

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