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Prepare students for the journey ahead.

Help students become practice ready through on-demand learning and interactive classes. Hotshot is the video-based learning platform used by top law firms, corporate lawyers, and litigators.

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Trusted by world-class law schools

  • Baylor
  • Boston College
  • Harvard Law School
  • Stanford

How Hotshot helps law schools

Resources for classes and clinics

Whether you’re teaching a transactional or litigation class or a clinic to help entrepreneurs, we have hundreds of short, practical videos that can supplement your course materials.

Deliver more interactive learning

Create and deliver interactive learning with our hypos and discussion questions that cover situations students will face as lawyers.

Help students prepare for interviews

Hotshot videos teach students about key practice areas and business concepts so they can be better prepared for interviews and ask more informed questions.

Help students be practice ready

The practical knowledge Hotshot gives students makes them more attractive to recruiters and helps them be practice ready when they graduate.

How it works


Over 300 courses on corporate, litigation, and business skills. Courses include short, practical videos, interactive quizzes, and written summaries.

Screenshot of a course in the Hotshot app


Curated course lists that let students learn at their own pace. Schools can create custom tracks with school-branded certificates of completion that students can upload to LinkedIn to impress future employers.

Screenshot of a track for law students in the Hotshot app

Training Guides

Designed for faculty to use in interactive classes, training guides include hypos, discussion questions, and instructions for teachers and students.

A remote zoom meeting between people working through a Hotshot training guide exercise

Customer testimonial

“I was really blown away by how much it felt authentic – it felt like an attorney sitting there helping you do something, helping you review a document. Students have had the same reaction.”

Sara Dana
Career Services, Harvard Law School



From $1,500 per year

  • Practical resources for transactional, litigation, and business classes
  • Enhance experiential learning
  • Short videos, outlines, and teaching guides

Career Services

$2,000 per year

  • Short, practical intros to practice areas and associate work
  • Help students prepare for interviews and internships
  • Certificates of completion to help students stand out from the crowd

All Access

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  • Access to all Hotshot content
  • For all faculty and students
  • Custom learning tracks with school branding
  • Dedicated customer support and student reps

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