Defending a Deposition

Key strategies and procedures for defending all types of depositions. This track covers the ins and outs of witness preparation, how to protect the witness during the deposition, how to correct transcripts, and special considerations for defending remote depositions.

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  1. still frame from Explaining How the Deposition Will Go Preview

    Deposition Witness Prep: Explaining Mechanics and Strategy

    Discussion of how to conduct a witness prep meeting, focusing on making the witness comfortable with how the deposition will work, explaining how depositions differ from ordinary conversation, and giving the witness tips on how to answer questions.

  2. still frame from Reviewing the Witness's Unaided Recollection Preview

    Deposition Witness Prep: Reviewing Facts and Documents

    Discussion of how to conduct a witness prep meeting, focusing on preparing the witness for the substantive aspect of the deposition—reviewing the substantive topics and potential exhibits with the witness, and conducting mock questioning.

  3. still frame from Protecting the Witness Preview

    Defending a Deposition

    Discussion of the role of the defending lawyer, ways to protect the witness, rules on counseling the witness during the deposition, correcting testimony, and re-direct.

  4. still frame from Vendors and Technology Preview

    Remote Depositions

    Considerations for taking, defending, and preparing for a remote deposition, including technology challenges, ethical issues, handling exhibits, and prepping a witness for the remote format.

  5. still frame from Form Objections Preview

    Deposition Objections

    Discusses the standard objections and when they would be used, objection procedure and different rules on speaking objections.

  6. still frame from Deposition Erratas Preview

    Deposition Erratas

    Rules about correcting the transcript, the format and content of an errata sheet, and procedure for preparing an errata sheet and signing the deposition transcript.