Summer Associates: Corporate & Litigation

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  1. still frame from What is Civil Litigation Practice? Preview

    Civil Litigation Practice

    What do civil litigators do? This course explains the typical roles in a civil litigation group at a law firm, including partners, counsel, associates, and paralegals, and also describes the role of the client.

  2. still frame from Starting a Civil Litigation Preview

    The Phases of Civil Litigation

    This course explains the life cycle of a civil litigation case, from filing the complaint to conducting discovery to judgment and appeals.

  3. still frame from Written Discovery, Document Requests, and Depositions Preview

    Civil Discovery

    An overview of the typical civil litigation discovery process, including the different types of discovery, the process of serving and responding to discovery requests, and the phases of discovery.

  4. still frame from What is Document Review? Preview

    Document Review and Production

    An overview of how to conduct a document review, including an explanation of the various purposes and goals and how a review might be structured. Also includes an introduction to producing documents and drafting production cover letters.

  5. still frame from The Contents of a Motion Preview

    Introduction to Motion Practice

    An introduction to motion practice, including the typical briefing process, the ways a motion can be made, the contents of a typical motion, and strategic considerations when drafting a brief.

  6. still frame from What is Capitalization Preview


    An overview of capitalization, including what lawyers mean when they talk about a company’s capitalization, the various forms of equity securities, the role of stock ledgers and transfer agents, and how to read a capitalization table.

  7. still frame from Private Placements under Reg D Preview

    Registered and Unregistered Offerings

    An introduction to public offerings and private placements. Includes explanations of the most common types of private and public deals, such as IPOs, follow-on offerings, secondary offerings, Reg D offerings, Rule 144 and 144A offerings.

  8. still frame from Choosing a Lender, Preliminary Docs, and Kick-off Preview

    Overview of a Loan Transaction

    An overview of the main stages of a typical loan transaction, including preliminary negotiations, drafting the main documents, preparing for and closing the transaction, and ongoing compliance matters.

  9. still frame from Deal Process Overview Preview

    Deal Process Overview

    Learn about the overall M&A deal process, from setting up the deal team to the post-closing.