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Accounting & Finance

Categories covered in this topic:
Financial Concepts in Legal Practice
Financial Statements


  1. still frame from Assets 19 min

    Balance Sheets

    An introduction to balance sheets, including an explanation of the balance sheet equation and descriptions of assets, liabilities and shareholders’ equity.

  2. still frame from The Income Statement 15 min

    Income Statements

    The income statement shows whether and how a company made or lost money over an accounting period. This course describes the income statement and the common classifications of revenue and expenses you’ll see on it. It also explains different measures of profitability such as net income, EBIT and EBITDA.

  3. still frame from Structure and the Direct and Indirect Methods 11 min

    Cash Flow Statements

    Cash flow is fundamental to a company’s ability to stay in business. This course explains cash flow statements and how they’re used to track cash from a company’s operating, investing and financing activities.

  4. still frame from Information on Public Companies 8 min

    Where to Find Company Financial Information

    Lawyers often want to look for financial information about a company, whether it’s to better understand a client’s business, to learn about the other side in a transaction or litigation, or for business development purposes. This course provides some tips on where to look.

  5. still frame from Intrinsic Valuation: Discounted Cash Flow 16 min


    Valuation is one of the most fundamental concepts in corporate finance. This course describes the different measures of a company’s value, and the various techniques used to value businesses and their assets.

  6. still frame from Audit Opinions 11 min

    Audited Financials and the Audit Process

    An audit is the primary mechanism for providing confidence in the reliability of a company’s financial statements. This course explains the audit process, audit opinions and how audited financial statements are put together.

  7. still frame from Accounting Transactions and Source Documents 12 min

    The Accounting Process

    An overview of the accounting process, including how transactions appear in a company’s chart of accounts, general ledger, trial balance and financial statements.