Commercial Lending

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Loan Documentation
Loan Features
Loan Transaction Process
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    Types and Features of Commercial Loans

    An introduction to the main types and features of loans, such as term loans and revolvers, bilateral and syndicated loans, secured and unsecured loans, and loan priority. Examples of these types of loans, such as asset-based loans, unitranche loans, and mezzanine debt are also covered.

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    Security Interests and Perfection

    A look at security interests, including different types of collateral, how security interests are created through attachment, the perfection process, and lien priority. This course also includes an introduction to Article 9 of the UCC.

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    UCC Financing Statements

    A look at filing under the UCC, including a close look at a UCC-1 financing statement. This course also covers extension, modification, and termination of a financing statement by filing a UCC-3.

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    Loan Closings

    A review of the typical process for closing a lending transaction, from picking a closing date, to conditions precedent and conditions subsequent, closing checklists, preparing for closing, and closing day.

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    Covenants and Events of Default

    A review of covenants and events of default, including affirmative and negative covenants, a detailed look at financial covenants, and the interplay between covenants and events of default. This course also looks at the concepts of “covenant lite” and “springing covenants” as well as the difference between a Default and an Event of Default.

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    Syndicated Loans

    An overview of syndicated loans, including why they’re used, who the main parties are, and the main categories of syndicated loans. The pre-commitment period, including important provisions in commitment letters, the syndication process, and the documentation, closing, and administration of a syndicated loan are also covered.

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    Credit Agreements

    The credit agreement is the main agreement in a commercial lending transaction. This course covers the contents of a credit agreement, including a walkthrough of a typical credit agreement.

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    Commercial Lending Practice

    This course looks at commercial lending practice at a large law firm, including what commercial lending is, who the main players are, and the differences between borrower and lender representations. It also covers how deals are staffed and the roles of finance partners, associates, support staff, and the clients.

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    A discussion of guaranties, including the key provisions in a guaranty agreement and the different types of guaranties that can be given, such as payment vs. performance guaranties and down-stream vs. upstream guaranties.