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Financial Services Industry

Categories covered in this topic:


  1. still frame from Investment Banking Services 8 min

    Investment Banking Services and Revenue

    An outline of the main services investment banks offer, including financial advisory services, underwriting, corporate finance and more. This course also details the different fee structures and other ways investment banks earn revenue.

  2. still frame from Generating Alpha: Hedge Fund Investment Strategies 5 min

    Generating Alpha: Hedge Fund Investment Strategies

    A round-up of the most common investment strategies used by the managers of hedge funds to generate excess returns, such as “equity focus” and “global macro”. The course also includes a discussion of short selling and the impact of high-frequency trading and quants.

  3. still frame from The Major Custodian Banks 5 min

    Custodian Banks

    An overview of the custodian banking industry, including a description of custodian banks’ core trust, fiduciary, and financial and commodity market services, the types of customers that use custodian banks, the major custodian banks, and how they earn revenue.

  4. still frame from Commercial Banking Services 9 min

    Commercial Banking

    An overview of the commercial banking industry, including the services usually offered through banks' retail, business, and corporate divisions. The course also discusses how commercial banks earn revenue and competition in the industry.

  5. still frame from Traditional Strategies 6 min

    Private Equity Fund Investment Strategies

    An overview of common private equity fund investment strategies such as growth equity and leveraged buyouts (LBOs). The course also covers alternative strategies including private debt, real assets, and funds of funds.

  6. still frame from Clients and Services 9 min

    Wealth Management

    An overview of the wealth management industry. This includes a review of different types of wealth management firms, the clients they serve, the financial planning, investment management and other services they offer, and how they earn money.