1. still frame from Specialist Practice Groups and Others Preview

    M&A Practice

    What is M&A practice? What do deal lawyers do? This course will help you understand this practice area, whether you want to be an M&A lawyer or not.

  2. still frame from What is a Working Group List? Preview

    The Working Group List

    Knowing how to create a good working group list is important for any junior lawyer. This course shares best practices and drafting tips.

  3. still frame from Format, Contents and Drafting Preview

    M&A Term Sheets

    A look at term sheets, including reasons why they are and aren’t used in M&A deals and some style and drafting tips.

  4. still frame from Triangular Mergers Preview

    Deal Structures

    Understanding deal structures is critical for anyone involved with M&A deals. This course explains the three main deal types: asset acquisitions, stock acquisitions and mergers.

  5. still frame from Sample Disclosure Schedules Preview

    Disclosure Schedules

    An overview of disclosure schedules, including their typical contents and what buyers and sellers think about when reviewing and drafting them.

  6. still frame from Caps & Baskets Preview

    Caps & Baskets

    Sellers in private deals often try to limit their liability with limits and thresholds called caps and baskets. This video describes what they are and how they work.

  7. still frame from The Closing Checklist Preview

    M&A Closings

    This course explains the closing process from start to finish, covering things such as the closing checklist, typical closing documents and post-closings.

  8. still frame from Five Tips for a Good Closing Checklist Preview

    Closing Checklists

    A good closing checklist can help any deal run more efficiently. This course suggests five things to keep in mind when working on a closing checklist as well as some drafting tips.