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  1. still frame from Specific Things to Look Out For 12 min

    Opposition Briefs

    How to approach writing an opposition brief, including things to look for in the opening brief, planning your arguments, structuring the brief, and strategies for drafting effectively.

  2. still frame from Goals of the Reply Brief 13 min

    Reply Briefs

    How to approach drafting a reply brief, including goals, choosing what to argue, and drafting the introduction and argument sections.

  3. still frame from Preparation and Choosing Your Arguments 15 min

    Appellate Briefs

    How to approach drafting an appellate brief, including choosing and preparing your arguments, tips for drafting your facts and argument sections, procedure, and how appellate briefs differ from lower court briefs.

  4. still frame from Notice of Motion 16 min

    Supporting Motion Papers

    Discussion of supporting documents that may be filed with a brief. Covers the notice of motion, proposed order, declarations and affidavits, exhibits, motions to seal, and proof of service. Provides drafting tips and rules, as well as guidance on how to avoid a last-minute scramble with numbering your exhibits.

  5. still frame from Motion Papers 16 min

    Discovery Motions

    Strategies and procedure for motions to compel, opposing motions to compel, and motions for a protective order. Discusses pre-filing requirements, drafting considerations, argument tips, and exhibits to include.