Commercial Lending Documents

This track introduces the main documents involved in commercial lending deals. It includes walk throughs of the documents and their main provisions, covers key legal and business points, as well as strategic considerations for drafting, reviewing, and filing the documents. Documents covered include commitment letters and other preliminary documents, UCC-1 financing statements, UCC-3s, payoff letters, security agreements, and credit agreements.

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    Commitment Letters and Other Preliminary Documents

    An introduction to the preliminary documents used in a loan transaction, including reasons why they’re used and their typical format and content. Documents covered include term sheets, commitment letters, and fee letters.

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    Closing Checklists for Lending Deals

    A review of closing checklists, including why they’re important, their typical format and contents, and a few tips and strategies for drafting and updating them.

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    Credit Agreements

    The credit agreement is the main agreement in a commercial lending transaction. This course covers the contents of a credit agreement, including a walkthrough of a typical credit agreement.

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    A discussion of guaranties, including the key provisions in a guaranty agreement and the different types of guaranties that can be given, such as payment vs. performance guaranties and down-stream vs. upstream guaranties.

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    Ancillary Documents in Lending Deals

    A review of the common ancillary documents in a typical loan transaction, including corporate certificates, legal opinions, and documents related to collateral in secured deals.

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    Payoff Letters

    A look at payoff letters, including when they’re used, why they’re important, and what they usually contain.