Deal Documents for Venture Deals

Explains the main documents involved in venture financing deals, including key legal and business points and considerations for drafting and reviewing the documents. Documents covered include amended and restated certificates of incorporation, stock purchase agreements, voting agreements, convertible notes, and more.

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    Amended and Restated Certificates of Incorporation

    A walkthrough of an Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation (also called the Amended and Restated Charter) used in a venture capital transaction, with a focus on the sections governing preferred stock.

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    Investor Rights Agreements

    A walkthrough of a typical Investor Rights Agreement, including explanations of its main provisions.

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    Voting Agreements

    A walkthrough of a typical Voting Agreement, including explanations of its main provisions.

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    Ancillary Documents

    Venture financing deals include several ancillary documents, in addition to the principal deal documents, that cover important legal and business issues. This course describes the ones most commonly used.

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    Convertible Debt Financings

    Convertible debt financings are a common alternative to priced equity rounds. This course explains convertible debt financings and their most common form, convertible notes. It also describes alternatives to notes, such as SAFEs and KISSes.