Defending a Corporate Deposition

Key strategies and procedures for defending a corporate deposition. This track covers responding to a corporate deposition notice, selecting and preparing the corporate witness, deposition objections, protective orders, confidentiality designations, and more.

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    Responding to a Corporate Deposition Notice

    How to respond to a corporate deposition notice, including the different objections, coordinating a response with your client, and how to handle the meet-and-confer process with opposing counsel.

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    Preparing a Corporate Deposition Witness

    Rules and tips for selecting the corporate witness; how a corporate witness’s role differs from a fact witness; assembling materials for corporate witness prep; reviewing the topics with the witness; and tips for reviewing the topics and practicing Q&A with a corporate witness.

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    Defending a Corporate Deposition

    Strategies and procedures for defending a corporate witness, including what to do when your witness doesn’t know the answer, questions outside the scope of topics, and rehabilitating the witness through re-direct.

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    Deposition Objections

    Discusses the standard objections and when they would be used, objection procedure and different rules on speaking objections.

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    Confidentiality Designations in Depositions

    Discussion of different requirements in protective orders for confidentiality designations in deposition transcripts and the process of reviewing a transcript and designating material confidential.