Expert Depositions

Rules, procedures, tips and strategic considerations for taking and defending expert depositions. This track covers qualifying as an expert, expert and rebuttal reports, witness prep, questioning techniques, attorney-client privilege, and more.

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  1. still frame from The Role of Experts Preview

    Expert Witnesses

    An overview of working with expert witnesses, including consulting and testifying experts, qualification as an expert under the applicable rules, attorney-client privilege considerations, and expert and rebuttal reports.

  2. still frame from Expert Deposition Procedure Preview

    Taking an Expert Deposition

    Discussion of how to take an expert deposition, including rules and procedure, preparing for the deposition, challenging an expert’s opinions, strategic considerations, and questioning techniques.

  3. still frame from Marking and Introducing an Exhibit Preview

    Using Exhibits in Depositions

    Procedure for proper marking of exhibits, useful questions about exhibits, strategies for selecting documents to mark as exhibits, and common mistakes with exhibits.

  4. still frame from Preparing to Prep an Expert Witness for Deposition Preview

    Defending an Expert Deposition

    Discussion of how to defend an expert deposition, including how to prepare for the expert witness prep, prepping the expert on deposition strategy, areas to focus on during the prep, objections, and redirect.

  5. still frame from Explaining How the Deposition Will Go Preview

    Deposition Witness Prep: Explaining Mechanics and Strategy

    Discussion of how to conduct a witness prep meeting, focusing on making the witness comfortable with how the deposition will work, explaining how depositions differ from ordinary conversation, and giving the witness tips on how to answer questions.