Financial Concepts in Legal Practice

Covers key financial and accounting concepts and how they apply in specific legal practice areas, including M&A, litigation, finance, securities, emerging companies, bankruptcy, and real estate.

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  1. still frame from Financial Covenants Preview

    Financial Concepts in Lending Practice

    The key financial concepts in lending practice, including the main types of loans and their risk, financial reporting requirements for borrowers, financial covenants, and credit ratings.

  2. still frame from Financial and Accounting Experts and Fact Witnesses Preview

    Financial Concepts in Litigation Practice

    The key financial concepts in litigation practice, including how financial statements are used by litigators, which bookkeeping records might be included in a document request, the roles of financial experts and fact witnesses, and the basis of calculations for damages or settlements.

  3. still frame from M&A Agreements Preview

    Financial Concepts in M&A Practice

    The key financial concepts in M&A practice, including valuations, the main financial provisions in M&A agreements and general tax and accounting issues.

  4. still frame from Real Estate Financings Preview

    Financial Concepts in Real Estate Practice

    The key financial concepts in real estate practice, including when financial concepts come into play, financial soundness and guarantors, and covenants and ratios.