Financial Literacy for Lawyers

An introduction to finance and accounting basics including valuation, statistics, data visualization, and where to find financial information about a company. This track also provides an introduction to Excel and explains how to perform present and future value calculations.

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    Data Visualization

    An overview of charts and other data visualization techniques used in business and finance. Covers concepts such as line and bar charts, histograms, scatter plots and heat maps.

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    Getting Started with Excel

    If you’re new to Excel, start here. This course introduces the concepts of cells, rows and columns, shows how to navigate Excel 2016 for Windows, and describes the basics of entering data and doing calculations.

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    Introduction to Statistics

    This course provides an overview of key statistical concepts that are relevant to legal practice, including averages, sampling and distribution curves.

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    Valuation is one of the most fundamental concepts in corporate finance. This course describes the different measures of a company’s value, and the various techniques used to value businesses and their assets.

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    Where to Find Company Financial Information

    Lawyers often want to look for financial information about a company, whether it’s to better understand a client’s business, to learn about the other side in a transaction or litigation, or for business development purposes. This course provides some tips on where to look.

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    Present and Future Value Calculations

    The math behind calculations related to the time value of money, including calculations for interest rates, present and future value, annuities and perpetuities.