Financial Reporting and Accounting

Explains key concepts in financial reporting and accounting, such as accrual accounting, revenue recognition, and depreciation and amortization. This track also covers the roles in a finance department; the processes of accounting, financial reporting, and audits; and how to analyze a company’s annual report and financials.

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    Accrual Accounting and Revenue and Expense Recognition

    The main difference between cash accounting and accrual accounting is how revenue and expenses are recognized. This course briefly explains these accounting methods and describes how revenue and expenses are recognized in accrual accounting.

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    Audited Financials and the Audit Process

    An audit is the primary mechanism for providing confidence in the reliability of a company’s financial statements. This course explains the audit process, audit opinions and how audited financial statements are put together.

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    The Accounting Process

    An overview of the accounting process, including how transactions appear in a company’s chart of accounts, general ledger, trial balance and financial statements.