First-Year Associates: Corporate

The basics of M&A and securities offerings. Introduces associates to deal structures, diligence, closings, registered and unregistered offerings, finance concepts, and other important aspects of corporate practice.

Start Track
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    Life Cycle of a Corporation

    The four stages of a corporation’s life cycle: startup, growth, maturity, and decline. Includes a discussion of the biggest governance issues faced by corporations at each stage.

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    Deal Process Overview

    Learn about the overall M&A deal process, from setting up the deal team to the post-closing.

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    Registered and Unregistered Offerings

    An introduction to public offerings and private placements. Includes explanations of the most common types of private and public deals, such as IPOs, follow-on offerings, secondary offerings, Reg D offerings, Rule 144 and 144A offerings.

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    Overview of a Loan Transaction

    An overview of the main stages of a typical loan transaction, including preliminary negotiations, drafting the main documents, preparing for and closing the transaction, and ongoing compliance matters.

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    Introduction to Financial Statements

    An introduction to the four main financial statements, with examples of how the statements are affected by different business transactions.