First-Year Associates: M&A

The basics of M&A for junior associates. Covers deal structures, due diligence, and closings for M&A deals, and provides an overview of key financial concepts related to M&A.

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    M&A Practice

    What is M&A practice? What do deal lawyers do? This course will help you understand this practice area, whether you want to be an M&A lawyer or not.

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    Deal Process Overview

    Learn about the overall M&A deal process, from setting up the deal team to the post-closing.

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    Deal Structures

    Understanding deal structures is critical for anyone involved with M&A deals. This course explains the three main deal types: asset acquisitions, stock acquisitions and mergers.

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    Principal Acquisition Agreements

    Acquisition agreements used in M&A deals have a lot in common, but there are also important differences. This course covers the main provisions to help give a general understanding of them all.

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    Disclosure Schedules

    An overview of disclosure schedules, including their typical contents and what buyers and sellers think about when reviewing and drafting them.

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    Due Diligence for M&A Deals

    A primer on the due diligence process in M&A deals, including what due diligence is, its impact on a deal and tips for conducting a diligence review.

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    M&A Closings

    This course explains the closing process from start to finish, covering things such as the closing checklist, typical closing documents and post-closings.

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    Financial Concepts in M&A Practice

    The key financial concepts in M&A practice, including valuations, the main financial provisions in M&A agreements and general tax and accounting issues.

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    Valuation is one of the most fundamental concepts in corporate finance. This course describes the different measures of a company’s value, and the various techniques used to value businesses and their assets.