Motion Practice: Drafting Your Brief

How to draft key sections of your brief persuasively, structure and present arguments and facts clearly, and prepare supporting motion documents.

This track qualifies for CLE. Select a jurisdiction for details.

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    Facts Section of a Brief

    Presenting the facts of the case in a clear and persuasive way, including selecting which facts to include, organization, and addressing “bad facts.”

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    Argument Section of a Brief

    Structuring the argument, ways to present and argue legal authorities, tips for integrating facts and legal argument, and other drafting strategies.

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    Supporting Motion Papers

    Discussion of supporting documents that may be filed with a brief. Covers the notice of motion, proposed order, declarations and affidavits, exhibits, motions to seal, and proof of service. Provides drafting tips and rules, as well as guidance on how to avoid a last-minute scramble with numbering your exhibits.