Summer Associates: Corporate

Introduces summer associates to corporate practice, with a focus on M&A, securities, and restructuring work. It also includes an introduction to important financial concepts for corporate practice.

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  1. still frame from Deal Process Overview Preview

    Deal Process Overview

    Learn about the overall M&A deal process, from setting up the deal team to the post-closing.

  2. still frame from Triangular Mergers Preview

    Deal Structures

    Understanding deal structures is critical for anyone involved with M&A deals. This course explains the three main deal types: asset acquisitions, stock acquisitions and mergers.

  3. still frame from Equity Securities Preview

    Publicly Traded Securities

    A summary of the most common types of securities bought and sold in the financial markets, including debt, equity and hybrid securities.

  4. still frame from Corporate Restructurings Preview

    Introduction to Corporate Restructuring

    An introduction to corporate restructurings, including the differences between bankruptcy and restructuring and the factors companies consider when deciding whether and how to restructure or liquidate. Also covers the key players in a corporate restructuring on the debtor and creditor sides as well as the additional players involved in a Chapter 11 case.

  5. still frame from Preparing for Chapter 11 Preview

    Overview of a Chapter 11 Case

    An overview of the main stages of a Chapter 11 case, including venue and liquidity runway considerations; filing and commencement; administration; the Chapter 11 plan, disclosure statement, and solicitation process; and plan confirmation and exit from Chapter 11.

  6. still frame from Choosing a Lender, Preliminary Docs, and Kick-off Preview

    Overview of a Loan Transaction

    An overview of the main stages of a typical loan transaction, including preliminary negotiations, drafting the main documents, preparing for and closing the transaction, and ongoing compliance matters.

  7. still frame from Loan Classifications Preview

    Types and Features of Commercial Loans

    An introduction to the main types and features of loans, such as term loans and revolvers, bilateral and syndicated loans, secured and unsecured loans, and loan priority. Examples of these types of loans, such as asset-based loans, unitranche loans, and mezzanine debt are also covered.

  8. still frame from Finding and Pitching Investors Preview

    Raising Venture Capital

    A look at how emerging companies raise venture capital, from finding and pitching investors to closing a deal.

  9. still frame from Friends & Family Investments Preview

    Startup Funding Stages

    A company goes through several funding stages as it moves from formation to exit. This course takes a look at each of them and their impact on a company and its founders.