Taking a Deposition

The basics of taking a deposition. This track includes how to notice or subpoena a deposition, draft a deposition outline, and select documents to use in the deposition; plus effective questioning techniques and strategies for dealing with a difficult witness or opposing counsel.

This track qualifies for CLE. Select a jurisdiction for details.

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    Drafting a Deposition Outline

    Detailed how-to of the process of drafting a deposition outline, with practical tips and examination of examples.

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    Asking Good Deposition Questions

    In-depth look at effective deposition questioning, including open versus closed questions, the funnel approach, strategies for getting admissions, cross-examination, and testing case theories.

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    Tips for Taking a Deposition

    Tips and strategies for taking a deposition, including starting the deposition off right, asking questions effectively, dealing with a difficult witness or opposing counsel, and ending the deposition well.

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    Deposition Notices and Subpoenas

    Procedure for noticing or subpoenaing a deposition, examples of a deposition notice and subpoena, and the process of scheduling depositions.