Excel Basics


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    Getting Started with Excel

    If you’re new to Excel, start here. This course introduces the concepts of cells, rows and columns, shows how to navigate Excel 2016 for Windows, and describes the basics of entering data and doing calculations.

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    The true power of Excel is its ability to perform calculations. This course explains how calculations work and introduces concepts such as formulas and relative and absolute cell references.

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    The formatting tools available in Excel that can make worksheets clean and easy to follow. Includes text wrapping, cell alignment, and formatting numbers and dates.

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    Copying and Moving Data

    Copying and moving data in Excel is similar to how it works in Word, but there are some differences. This course focuses on features that are particular to Excel, including inserting cells, rows and columns and moving and deleting worksheets.

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    This course covers the main things to know about printing in Excel. Includes selecting the print area, repeating rows and columns, adding headers and footers and fitting data onto a single page.

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    Working with Large Data Sets

    Lawyers often have to deal with large sets of data when working on a litigation or transaction. This course covers the Excel features that make it easier to work with large data sets, including filtering and sorting data, freezing panes and splitting the window.

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    Excel functions are preset formulas that make it easy to perform specific calculations. Here's a summary of some useful functions for lawyers, and a description of how functions are structured.