Governance Tasks


  1. still frame from What’s the Difference? Preview

    Incorporation and Organization

    The difference between incorporation and organization, important questions to ask before organizing, the process of incorporating, and post-incorporation matters like foreign qualifications.

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    Corporate Approvals

    How a company authorizes its actions, including how to determine when board and stockholder approval is needed, how approvals can be obtained, the difference between resolutions, consents, and minutes, and how to determine the voting threshold needed for an approval.

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    Annual Reports

    An introduction to annual reports under state law (mainly Delaware), including what’s in the reports and why, the timing of filings, and penalties if the company is late.

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    Franchise Taxes

    A review of the two methods of calculating franchise tax, and why there’s no need to panic when a corporation receives its first bill.

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    Intro to Public Company Reporting

    A basic overview of the various filings required by a public company, from periodic reporting requirements under the Exchange Act, to proxy statements, to reporting requirements for company insiders.