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Examining a Witness


  1. still frame from Considering the Overall Trial Plan Preview

    Direct Examination

    How to prepare for direct examination of a fact witness, so you can go into your prep session with a trial-ready outline. Includes how to cover affirmative points that you need to get in through the witness, how to neutralize negative points you expect on cross, how and when to use exhibits, and how to think about redirect. (Prepping the witness is covered in a different course.)

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    Prepping a Witness for Direct

    How to prepare your witness for their direct examination. Includes how to discuss their answers with them, prepare them on negative points, and instruct them on demeanor. Also covers strategy for an effective mock Q&A.

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    Prepping a Witness for Cross

    An advanced discussion on how to prepare your witness for cross examination. Teaches how to educate your witness on the tactics the other lawyer will use, and how they can defuse those tactics. Also covers how to approach mock cross, what to look for in your witness’s mock answers, and how to give effective feedback.

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    Prepping for Expert Direct

    How to prepare for the direct examination of your expert. Includes tips for drafting your questions and organizing your outline. Explains how to cover each section of the expert’s report in your questions, drawing out the right information in a way that will land with the jury. Also includes how to prepare the expert for their direct testimony.

  5. still frame from Deciding What Points to Cover Preview

    Cross Examination

    Strategic guidance on the meticulous preparation required to conduct cross examination. Includes how to organize your outline, decide what to cover, start and end your cross, and draft effective questions. Also discusses how to adjust your plan in real time based on the witness’s direct, how to use exhibits, and other tips for a successful execution.