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Taking a Deposition


  1. still frame from Expert Deposition Procedure 14 min

    Taking an Expert Deposition

    Discussion of how to take an expert deposition, including rules and procedure, preparing for the deposition, challenging an expert’s opinions, strategic considerations, and questioning techniques.

  2. still frame from Vendors and Technology 14 min

    Remote Depositions

    Considerations for taking, defending, and preparing for a remote deposition, including technology challenges, ethical issues, handling exhibits, and prepping a witness for the remote format.

  3. still frame from Starting the Deposition 17 min

    Tips for Taking a Deposition

    Tips and strategies for taking a deposition, including starting the deposition off right, asking questions effectively, dealing with a difficult witness or opposing counsel, and ending the deposition well.

  4. still frame from Reviewing Your Transcript 8 min

    Reviewing Your Transcript

    The importance of reviewing your transcript after the deposition, things to look for, and how to learn from your mistakes.

  5. still frame from The Funnel Approach 14 min

    Asking Good Deposition Questions

    In-depth look at effective deposition questioning, including open versus closed questions, the funnel approach, strategies for getting admissions, cross-examination, and testing case theories.

  6. still frame from Differences Between Corporate and Fact Witnesses 16 min

    Taking a Corporate Deposition

    Strategies, rules, and procedures when taking a corporate deposition, and obtaining information responsive to a deposition topic.

  7. still frame from Marking and Introducing an Exhibit 14 min

    Using Exhibits in Depositions

    Procedure for proper marking of exhibits, useful questions about exhibits, strategies for selecting documents to mark as exhibits, and common mistakes with exhibits.

  8. still frame from Overall Deposition Planning 12 min

    Deposition Notices and Subpoenas

    Procedure for noticing or subpoenaing a deposition, examples of a deposition notice and subpoena, and the process of scheduling depositions.

  9. still frame from Purpose of a Deposition Outline 13 min

    Drafting a Deposition Outline

    Detailed how-to of the process of drafting a deposition outline, with practical tips and examination of examples.