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  1. still frame from Notice 2 min


    Talks about why notice provisions matter, what information they typically include, and why.

  2. still frame from Force Majeure 5 min

    Force Majeure

    Discusses the components of typical force majeure clauses, including the definition of a force majeure event, excusal of non-performance, and the parties’ obligations if an event occurs.

  3. still frame from Disclaimer of Implied Warranties 3 min

    Disclaimer of Implied Warranties

    Discusses what implied warranties are and why sellers disclaim them in their agreements. Walks through a sample provision and explains which language is important to each party.

  4. still frame from Amendments and Waivers 2 min

    Amendments and Waivers

    Describes why agreements have amendment and waiver provisions, and the concepts and language these provisions generally include.

  5. still frame from Survival Provisions 7 min


    Explains what survival clauses do, the reasons provisions in an agreement might need to survive, and the language typically used in these clauses. Also examines which sections of agreements are usually included in survival clauses.

  6. still frame from Anti-Assignment 6 min


    Explains what assignment provisions do, why certain language is included, and how change of control relates to assignment.

  7. still frame from Counterparts 1 min


    Explains what counterparts provisions are, why they’re used, and the main concepts these clauses typically include.

  8. still frame from Schedules and Exhibits 3 min

    Schedules and Exhibits

    Discusses the types of information that parties put in schedules, and why schedules and exhibits clauses are used in agreements. Also looks at a sample clause.

  9. still frame from Entire Agreement 2 min

    Entire Agreement

    Explains the purpose of entire agreement clauses, when they become important, and the language they generally include.

  10. still frame from Severability 2 min


    Discusses what a severability clause says, why parties include them in their agreements, and how these clauses are treated by courts.