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Working with Experts


  1. still frame from Setting Expectations 14 min

    Tips for Working with Your Expert

    Tips and strategies for the day-to-day workings with the expert on your case. Includes how to prepare to work with your expert and how to set clear expectations at the outset. Also covers how to manage communications with your expert given the discovery rules, including sending documents to the expert to form their opinions, and revising their report.

  2. still frame from What Information You Can and Can't Share 15 min

    Ethical Issues Working with Experts

    Guidance on ethical issues that come into play throughout the process of working with an expert. Includes the hiring process, giving an expert access to information, helping an expert draft their report, disclosure obligations, and maintaining privilege and work product protections.

  3. still frame from Assessing How They'll Present to a Jury 16 min

    Selecting an Expert

    Strategic considerations for how (and when) to choose an expert for your case. Includes tips for your initial search and vetting process, and a detailed discussion of how to effectively interview candidates and assess them for the role.

  4. still frame from Rules 17 min

    Expert Reports: Opinions and Bases

    A nuanced look into how to work with your expert on the opinion section of their report. Walks through a detailed hypothetical to teach how to effectively probe your expert about the analysis and reasoning behind their opinion, then illustrates how to help your expert plan, organize, and ultimately draft the opinion section.

  5. still frame from Big Picture 16 min

    Prepping for Expert Direct

    How to prepare for the direct examination of your expert. Includes tips for drafting your questions and organizing your outline. Explains how to cover each section of the expert’s report in your questions, drawing out the right information in a way that will land with the jury. Also includes how to prepare the expert for their direct testimony.

  6. still frame from Big Picture 16 min

    Prepping Your Expert for Cross

    An advanced discussion about how to effectively prepare your expert for cross examination. Discusses the best questions to ask your expert during mock Q&A, as well as the best ways to prep them to respond. Also covers how to prepare your expert for impeachment and to come across credibly.